ACS has an extensive portfolio of commercial construction projects.  We’ve helped many property owners and businesses nationwide thrive after damage due to hail, tornado, windstorm, flood, fire, hurricane, and other circumstances.

  • “Colliers International has worked with Authentic Contracting Solutions and would highly recommend the company. They have done multiple projects for us and we have been extremely happy with their work. I can confidently recommend ACS as an expert in their field.”

    Colliers International
  • “The insurance company originally provided a check of $40,000 for the damage. Because of ACS’ expertise assessing the damage, we were able to demonstrate to our insurance company damage that resulted in a claim of approximately$678,000.”

    Galaxy Electronics
  • “Mr. Breeden’s diligence at identifying storm damages was directly responsible for the insurance carrier’s decision to award us a total roof replacement. Our building has now been brought up to code, increased in value, and become much more energy efficient.”

    Foresight Automation
  • “They were able to help my clients get new roofs with long term warranties, new packaged AC units, as well as other exterior appurtenances from recent wind/hailstorms. I would recommend Authentic Contracting Solutions for any insurance loss recovery and construction project.”

  • “I was about to incur expense on my own until ACS inspected our building and ascertained storm damages. They then assisted me in working with my insurance carrier to resolve the claim and have my roof replaced.”

    Love Envelopes
  • “We have found them to be a trustworthy General Contractor. They not only fully identified storm damage to our buildings, allowing us to receive compensation from our insurance carrier, but also provided us with a high quality of workmanship in restoring our properties. ACS’ familiarity with the insurance claim recovery process and their expert advice as to the proper restoration of a property following storm damage has enabled us to settle insurance claims in a satisfactory manner.”

    Cohen Asset Management
  • “ACS has been successful in helping me navigate the claims and reconstruction process after storms damaged several of my properties over the past several years. By helping me work with the insurance adjusters, they were able to restore my properties with as little disruption to my tenants or myself as possible.”

    Tres Woodland Investment
  • “ACS was able to help us work directly with our insurance carrier and assisted in making sure we were allotted the correct amount of funds to get our facility back to pre-storm condition. ACS also performed all the repairs in a proficient manner.”

    Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
  • “Recently we had 6 properties that totaled approximately 247,000 sf that we were told by our roofing contractor did not have any hail damage. We allowed ACS to inspect the properties and they identified hail damage that eventually resulted in a claim that was worth approximately $700,000.”

    Lincoln Properties
  • “Thus far we have new roofs at six of our locations because of Authentic Contracting Solutions. We have confidence in them to supply superior workmanship and would highly recommend them.”

    Schaaf & Clark, Inc.
  • “With their guidance and storm damage expertise, we were able to come to an agreement with our insurance carrier for the damage to our roofs and AC units. Authentic Contracting solutions professionally managed the replacement of our projects.”

    Western Securities
  • “We were ultimately awarded over $1million after ACS became involved. ACS effectively communicated with us throughout the entire process, which resulted in ample funds to repair and/or replace the damaged roofs and HVAC units.”

    Forester Properties

Current Developed and Managed Facilities

March 2018 A-Affordable Storage – Midlothian, TX purchased for $370,000 11.5 acres of land and ACS began the construction of a 190 unit – Phase One mixed Boat, RV & Mini Storage facility along with a 4,800 sq. ft retail shopping strip at the front.  Phase One opened April 1, 2019.  Phase Two which added an additional 138 units opened in June.  This phase stabilized quickly so the third and final phase was built and opened June 2021.  The entire facility is now over 58% occupied.  The facility appraises at $4,400,000 with the two phases, but since it has filled up so quickly a third phase is in the pre-construction phase.

In May of 2018 A-Affordable Storage – Granbury, TX was assigned 9 acres from land Mitch Breeden already owned at a value of $125,000.  In May 2019 a construction loan was obtained for ACS to construct a 256 mixed Boat, RV & Mini Storage facility with office.  During the months of construction, management had a reserved list of tenants waiting to move in.  In September 2019 Granbury had its Grand Opening with an occupancy rate of 5% on day one.  This facility is now at 82% occupied.  Once the facility stabilizes it will have an appraised value of $3,570,000.

July 2018 A-Affordable Storage – Justin, TX purchased for $1,420,000 a 35.1 acre tract which had an existing 95 mixed boat and RV unit facility on the property.  After purchase an additional 140 units on 5 acres was added.  Phase Two construction was complete March 2021 which added another 180 units.  The entire facility is now at 68% occupied.  The appraised value at stabilization  will be $5,200,000.

August 2019 A-Affordable Storage – Aledo, TX purchased 14.4 acres for $490,000.  Construction of Phase One which consists 194 mixed Boat, RV & Mini storage units over 6 acres is complete and the facility opened late February 2020.   Phase Two developed another 6 acres and 212 units leaving the front 2 acres available for sale to a retail/shopping center.  Phase Two was complete and open March 2021 and now at 46% occupied.     Once the entire facility stabilizes it will have an appraised value of $5,300,000.  August 2019 A-Affordable Industrial – Midlothian, TX purchased 11.5 acres for $377,888 to develop an Industrial/Business Park.  The front 1.5 acres was sold for $175,000 to a company that acquires land to lease to Dollar General stores.  The remaining land will be developed into four 21,000 sq. ft. industrial buildings.  Construction to start August 2021.

November 2019 A-Affordable Storage – Forney, TX purchased 17.7 acres for $597,104.  Phase One opened at the end of July 2020.  It consists of an office and 180 mixed Boat, RV & Mini storage units over 6 acres.  The facility is at 86% occupied and has started construction on Phase Two which will add an additional 230 mixed use units.  Adding Phase Two will increase that value to $5,640,000 for the entire development.

July 17,2020 A-Affordable Storage – Weatherford, TX purchased 10 acres for $457,380.  Phase One completed construction of 5 acres and opened for business March 2021.  Phase One consists of 216 mixed-use storage units and an office.  The facility is already at 40% occupied in less than five months.  Once stabilized, Phase One will have an appraised value of $2,710.000.

August 3,2020 A-Affordable Storage – Aubrey, TX purchased 10 acres for $500,000.  Phase One is under-construction to develop 5 acres and is expected to be complete late 2021.  Phase One will consist of 212 mixed storage units and an office and Phase Two when constructed will add an additional 165 mixed storage units.  Appraised value of both Phases at stabilization will have an appraised market value of $5,000,000.

September 15, 2020 A-Affordable Storage – Waxahachie, TX acquired an existing 638 mixed storage units, two story office warehouse and onsite management office for $5,650,000.  Expansion of the property added and construction of a 7,000 sq. ft shop.  A RV repair and maintenance company is leasing the entire building.  The facility is currently at 92% occupied and bringing in a revenue of $82,540 monthly.  Construction is underway to expand another 66 units as well as improvements to the existing buildings.  The property has an appraised market value of $10,592,000.

October 30, 2020 A-Affordable Storage – Crowley, TX

November 23, 2020 A-Affordable Storage – Rockwall, TX

March 9, 2021 – A-Affordable Storage – Denton, TX – Construction loan 07/07/2021

March 11, 2021 – A-Affordable Storage – Joshua, TX  – Construction loan 06/23/2021

May 21, 2021 – A-Affordable Storage – Springtown, TX

June 15, 2021 – A-Affordable Storage – Farmersville, TX

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