Mr. Breeden has been the founding member/President of more than ten startup companies in the past 30 years, several of those having become multi-million dollar organizations. In 1991 he started B&A Communications with just $6,000 and quickly built it up to enjoy revenues of more than $3 million per year, operating in 9 states with 15 employees.  Selling B&A Communications after 11 years proved to be a valuable and rewarding opportunity. He currently owns and operates Authentic Contracting Solutions (ACS), an insurance loss recovery specialist, which he created six years ago, and now produces more than $6 million in annual revenue.

Mr. Breeden has more than fifteen years of experience managing commercial property damage recovery and reconstruction. He has consistently exceeded client expectations with proven ability in decision making and execution, and has successfully consulted on a variety of commercial and multi-family projects nationwide. In addition to ACS, he is President and CEO of MB Commercial Properties, MB Residential Properties and Breeden Residential, which purchases, redevelops and resells revenue-generating properties and also owns and manages an inventory of more than 10 income properties.

His demonstrated track record of successfully forecasting and predicting lucrative opportunities, along with his effective leadership and guidance skills, has driven each of his companies into thriving and profitable ventures.  Mr. Breeden is an aggressive promoter of his business endeavors, with a special awareness of the marketing, salesmanship and motivational aspects required to focus a team on the specific objectives required to achieve success. He is a graduate of several sales training, motivation and management courses.